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Ph.D. Candidate, Public Affairs
O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Janet Jock



Janet Jock

Janet Jock

Ph.D. Candidate of Public Affairs with a major in policy analysis at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

My mixed-methods approach lies in understanding the quality, performance, and impact of nongovernmental and governmental service provision of social programs positing my research at the crossroads of nonprofit and public management, policy analysis, and international development.


I am also interested in how governmental and non-governmental stakeholders engage with service recipients in the decision-making and coordination of public goods provision and the mechanisms behind differential impacts by service provider type and socio-demographic characteristics.


Haeyoon Chang, Janet Jock, Molly Rosenberg, Chihua Li, Tsai-Chin Cho, Thomas A. Gaziano, Lynda Lisabeth, Lindsay Kobayashi. 2023. “The impact of old age pension expansion on blood pressure among older men in rural South Africa.” (Forthcoming). Innovation in Aging.

Chakraborty, R, Kobayashi, L.C, Jock, J, Wing, C, Chen, X, Phillips, M, Berkman, L, Kahn, K, Kabudula, C.W, & Rosenberg, M. 2022. “Child Support Grant Expansion and Mid-to-Later Life Cognitive Function among Women in Rural South Africa: Findings from a Natural Experiment in HAALSI” (Forthcoming). PLOS ONE 

Janet Jock, Erika T. Beidelman, Lindsay C. Kobayashi, Stephen Tollman, Meredith Phillips, Lindsay Kobayashi, Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula, and Molly Rosenberg. 2023. "The impact of old age pension eligibility on alcohol consumption: Findings from rural South Africa." (Forthcoming). Innovation in Aging


Janet Jock, Lindsay C Kobayashi, Rishika Chakraborty, Xiwei Chen, Coady Wing, Lisa Berkman,        Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula, Stephen Tollman, Molly Rosenberg. 2023. “Effects of pension eligibility expansion on men’s cognitive function: findings from rural South Africa” Journal of Aging & Social Policy.

Jennifer Brass, Janet Jock. 2022. “Public Goods Provision and State Legitimacy: Does Provider Type Affect Views of the State in the Global South?” Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations

Baldwin, Elizabeth, Val Rountree, and Janet Jock. 2018 “Distributed Resources and Distributed Governance: Stakeholder Participation in Demand Side Management Governance.” Energy Research & Social Science 39 (May).

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Allison Schnable, Susan Appe and Janet Jock. 2022. “Perpetual Effervescence? The Life Cycles of Citizen Aid Organizations in the U.S.” In The Rise of Small-Scale Development Organisations: Citizen Aid Actors and their Role in Civil Society, edited by Hanne Haaland, Sara Kinsbergen, Lau Schulpen, and Hege Wallevik. Under contract with Routledge Explorations in Development Studies, Routledge Press.

Book Chapter

Janet Jock. 2023. "Food for Thought: Impacts of School Food Programs and Conditional Cash Transfers on School Absenteeism

Erika T. Beidelman, Rishika Chakraborty, Janet Jock, Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula, Meredith L. Phillips, Kathleen Kahn, Katherine Eyal, Darina T. Bassil, Lisa Berkman, Lindsay C. Kobayashi, and Molly Rosenberg. 2023. “Impact of the South African Child Support Grant on memory decline and dementia probability in rural and low-income mothers, 2014-2021”

Manuscripts Under Review

“Effects of pension eligibility expansion on men’s memory decline and dementia probability: Findings from the HAALSI cohort in rural South Africa, 2014-2021”


“Changes in Socioeconomic Status Trajectories Before and After HIV Diagnosis: A longitudinal analysis during ART expansion in South Africa”


“Does the service provider type matter? Comparing impacts of NGO and government-run school food programs on school absenteeism”

Work in Progress

Research & Collaboration

Wits Research Center - South Africa 

Grants & Awards


O’Neill Ostrom Fellowship

Indiana University –Bloomington

Awarded $30,000


Tobias Center for Innovation in International Development

Research Grant:

Funded, $5000, 2023

Funded, $3000, 2022

Funded, $1,200, 2023

O’Neill Graduate Student Teaching Award

O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Irsay Institute

Irsay Institute Fellowship

Awarded, $11,000


Summer Merit Scholarship

O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Awarded $1,000


U.S. Fulbright

U.S. Fulbright Student Scholarship, South Africa

Alternate - 2023

Janet Jock

Teaching Experience

Indiana University, Associate Instructor
U.S. Policy and Administration, Spring & Fall 2022, Spring 2023 ​

This course introduces the policy-making and implementation process in the United States and highlights the forces that have shaped some of the most salient policy battles of the last decade. Using hands-on activities, active discussions, and professional tools, this course gives students the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to see public policymaking and administration in a more comprehensive way and to start thinking about how to shape new policies.

Indiana University, Co-Instructor
Statistical Techniques, Fall 2021

This course introduces basic statistical analysis and interpretation. Topics covered in this course include (but are not limited to) the following: the nature of statistical data, ordering and manipulation of data, measures of central tendency, probability, statistical inferences, hypothesis testing, estimation, and correlation and regression. The focus of this course is on the practical application and interpretation of statistics for intelligent functioning in a professional or academic environment. As such, the course simulates the real environment as much as possible, comprised of peers and resources to aid in statistical application and interpretation. While it is necessary to demonstrate individual mastery of the key concepts taught in this course, it is equally imperative to develop skills and techniques to apply statistical knowledge in a practical setting.

University of Arizona, Teacher’s Assistant
Statistics for the Social Sciences, 2016-2017

An introductory course in the fundamentals of modern statistics with applications and examples in the social and behavioral sciences. Topics include methods for describing and summarizing data, probability, random sampling, estimating population parameters, significance tests, contingency tables, simple linear regression, and correlation.

University of Arizona, Teacher’s Assistant, Introduction to Public Administration, 2015-2016

This course focuses on developing each student’s comprehension of the history and foundational underpinnings of Public Administration. The course will cover the economic, political, and social dynamics within the field of public administration as well as the management challenges related to human resources, finances, program development, evaluation, technology, and strategic planning. In addition, this introduction to Public Administration will consider public service as a personal and professional commitment when considering the ethics and values unique to this sector. Through the use of the textbook, assigned readings, case studies, simulations, and hands-on experiential learning; students will be afforded an opportunity to advance their theoretical and practical knowledge of public administration

Professional and International Experience

Peace Corps, Colombia ESL Teacher Trainer and Curriculum Developer, 2013-2014

Bilfen Koleji International School, Turkey, 2011-2013

Daejeon International School, South Korea, 2010-2011

Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., Campaign Office Director, 2008-2009

Peace Corps, Nicaragua Adolescent and Maternal Health Programs, 2006-2008

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O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs Indiana University

2451 E. 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47405


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Janet Jock
Janet Jock
Janet Jock
Janet Jock
Janet Jock
Janet Jock
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